I remember hearing my grandmother say, “It’s coming up a cloud.”

At first, I thought that meant I was about to be sent to cut a hickory switch.

I soon learned she meant it was going to rain real hard.

Leaders know a lot about storms. Like summer rains in Florida, we should not be surprised by a daily storm.

Bad storms happen to good leaders. In the course of day-to-day interaction with people, it seems certain that clouds will form. Sometimes the strongest storms come in the center of obedience.

These are the storms which cause leaders the greatest opportunity to slip. The disciples were in shock that such a storm rocked their ship while Jesus slept.

We learn a valuable leadership lesson from Jesus in how He handled the storm. He spoke to the storm with a faith bullet:

“Peace. Be still.”

Jesus spoke His words to the disciples as well as to the storm.

“Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?”

Both of our Lord’s questions are appropriate to ask in the center of a storm.

The disciples were in obedience in the presence of Jesus. The storm revealed a faith crisis in this instance. If ever there could be full faith, I would think it would occur in a boat with Jesus.

We must be so close to Jesus in our walk as leaders that we radiate peace, not lightning bolts.

It’s coming up a cloud. Respond in faith.

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