Monday morning offers the best opportunity to follow up Sunday ministry work. My tips below may seem tilted toward a senior pastor; I suggest that all ministers in the fivefold could benefit from a powerful and routine follow-up plan.

The key to follow-up is that it happens as a matter of habit not exception. We can all do it when we are rested and full of energy. Monday morning follow-up routine should become a discipline that cannot be delegated or delayed.

I offer this list as a stimulus to think about your personal follow-up routine. One list does not fit all.

1. Tweet (or use your Facebook feed). This is your best takeaway application from your Sunday message. If you weren’t preaching, tweet the takeaway you gathered from the sermon. There are many reasons I have been an active user of Twitter since 2009. One of my favorite uses is to read what other pastors are communicating. Let your voice be heard.

2. Make three calls. Be intentional about calling three people every Monday morning. Call visitors or members. You know what they need to hear. Think of how many people you will touch in the course of a year. As a follow-up technique, I don’t think a text or email is sufficient to be called a follow-up touch.

3. Send three personal notes. Think of all the things people told you on Sunday. Perhaps you heard stories of hurt or celebration. Send a brief personal note on your personal card stock. Just connect with your words. If you follow this suggestion with the previous tip, you will make at least 300 personal touches in a year. How many personal touches have you made in the past twelve months?

4. Personal critique. In your pastor’s journal, make a Monday morning entry in which you add notes about the content of your message. What worked or didn’t work? How were you feeling about the connections you made with your congregation? Do you want to make changes? This journal entry is not an autopsy of the entire service—save that for a team meeting. Your journal entry is personal and reflective.

Obviously, Sunday’s ministry does not end on Sunday. Your Monday morning follow-up will go a long way toward planting your message and love in the lives of those you serve. Make it routine.

Effective leaders are masters of follow-up.

“Do you not yet understand or remember the five loaves of the five thousand and how many baskets you collected? Or the seven loaves of the four thousand and how many baskets you collected?” (Matt 16:9-10).

Dr. Steve Greene is the publisher and executive vice president–Media Group, Charisma Media. Sign up here for Dr. Greene’s leadership e-newsletter.

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